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Yoga for Wellness

Raghu N.D. and PratimaGiridhar are here to show everyone how different parts of yoga can be incorporated into day to day activities. This program is designed to not only cover asanas, but when walking or sitting how pranayama or mudras can be used. Proper techniques and breath can make a difference in how the body is functioning, so allow this amazing team from Yoga Bharata to show you!

Yoga for Wellness is open to all ages and conditions, however, if you work in an office this class will teach you how to relieve tension from the shoulders, neck and spine. When working or handling a situation how the breath can make the moment easier. How to incorporate a daily light practice in the morning when you awake and the benefits of this. Yoga for wellness will show everyone how practice can make for better sleep and one can awake with more energy. This class will allow students to gain insight on movements the will create a balance of communication between the body, breath and mind.