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Projects Details  
Adding books to Book Bank Added  108 new books already 258 books Book Doantion
Tiny Tots Education Donated 100 English Kannada Dictionary  
Service providers Day Recognized a Long Serving Postman and a Safai Karmachari

Service Providers Recognization

Graduation certificates to Bridge prog beneficiaries Trained a19 Youths and place 11 of them Graduation Certificates
Fund raising Conducted 5 Fundraising Programmes and Collected over Rs 5,52,000/-

Fund Raising

Donation of Artificial limbs Donated 34 Limbs

Donation of Artificial Limbs

Traffic awareness Conducted one Programme for school Children Traffic Awareness
Twinning meeting One meeting with Lions Club of Manipal

One with Rotary Club of Mysore

Twinnning Meeting

Water supply & sanitation to Govt. School Serviced a toilet facility to a Govt school

Water Supply and Sanitation

Remuneration to Pawan

Supporting a Computer teacher in a Govt

School with monthly salary of Rs 3000/-
Subsidised Dialysis to the needy Helping 8 patients for 6 months  
Professional Talks Arranged two Professional talks one on Humour in Life, Second on Whole Body and Cadaver donation.  
Member Recognition Recognised Doctors & Teachers & Charter members of  our club.

Members Recognition

Nepal Earthquake Donation of Rs.1,07,000 Nepal Earthquake Donation
Care for senior citizens & homeless Donated a UPS to a women destitute care center UPS Donation
Donation of computers to Govt schools In all Donated 13 Computers to 4 Different Govt Schools Donation of Computers download