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Gentle Yoga

If you feel disconnected during your day, the Gentle Yoga class will be something that will connect you back to your body, mind and breath. This class will work to ground the body while allowing for lightness to enter through the breath. MontiniqueKniffen is an Energy Medicine practitioner hailing from New York, USA and the connection to the divinity within is a practice that she incorporates into her gentle classes in a cheerful and energetic manner. Gentle Yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or conditions.

The Gentle Yoga class can be helpful for people who are beginners, intermediate or advanced practitioners by bringing everyone back to the basics. The connection of body, mind and breath, will leave the class feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed! The led class will aim to focus on the breath while drawing attention to the subtle body and physical mechanisms of the asana practice. Through the movements in the gentle yoga class one can tap into their overflowing ability to secure peace and healing within the being on all different levels.