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First Board Meeting of Lions Club of Mysore West

When a group of educated and like-minded people gather, it is but natural that a service activity towards the community be discussed. The idea of starting a school to shape future citizens of the country was unanimously mooted. Enthusiasm was high, and even amidst words of caution and apprehension from the host club, plans were laid out to garner funds for this ambitious project. Cricket match! Howzzat?! Thumbs up for this event which was the first fund raiser of Lions Club of Mysore West. And it was done in style! Members of the Indian National Team and talented cricketers from the Ranji Trophy team were invited to play in Mysore. Lion Vasu proved to be the ring master here as he wielded enough clout and contacts to persuade participation while the rest proved their mettle as hard working Lions for nearly 3 months leading up to the match.

It indeed was a gala. The cricketers were driven along the main streets of Mysore in a merry procession. This was to grab eyeballs that would incite interest in the event, ensure sale of tickets and also imprint image of the Club firmly in the minds of people. Thus we had stars of yester year – G. R. Vishwanath, Sandeep Patil, Bishen Bedi, Vengsarkar and others who guaranteed good crowd presence. The Prince of Mysore treated them in royal style by hosting them in Rajendra Vilas Palace besides arranging for a lavish dinner evening that made for many a Kodak moment. download