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Charter Presentation Meeting

The Charter Presentationon meeting of Lions Club of Mysore West. Lion Dist. Governor B.L.S. Murthy presenting the host club flag to Charter President Lion Ashvini Ranjan

There indeed was a group of 40 men who ticked all the boxes and thus Lions Club of Mysore West came into existence with Lion Ashvini Ranjan as the Charter President, Lion K. R. Kumar as Secretary and Lion N. Ramesh as Treasurer.

They might well have been first time mothers! The new born club had no charter (ref : Cambridge Dictionary - a formal statement of the rights of a country's people, or a particular social group/ organization ) and the teething troubles were challenging. To begin with, there wasn't even a designated place for the bi-monthly meetings, and there was no respite for the new team that held office for a good 18 months, since the club was formed in the middle of a Lionistic year. Good tidings came through the benevolence of the Prince of Mysore, Late Srikantadatta Wodeyar, who gallantly permitted the use of Lokaranjan Mahal (summer palace near Mysore Zoo ) till such time came to pass.

The initial months were marked by trial and error. But the fruit of perseverance is sweet. The forty members ironed out the creases with a few hits and misses in terms of membership. The Club Charter was officially presented by District Governor Lion Ramatirtha which set a pattern of rules and regulations that are diligently practiced to this day download